Sunday, 29 September 2013

Something New


What would you do if you encounter something new in your life?
Will you stay and try to understand the reason for it to appear in your life?
Or will you run away from it?

We will always have to face this kind of thing at some point in our life.

As for me, I encountered new things while studying in my current college, KYUEM.


The Real Islam.

Life Principle.


I'm feel blessed for Allah S.W.T has destined me to be here. For He gives me the courage to stay and understand all these new things. I have learnt a lot. Immense knowledge that I don't think I will get easily outside this college.

I changed my perception towards people. Trying to be more open to changes.

I changed the way I think. Trying to be more critical in making assumption and conclusion.

and best of all,  I met these wonderful people here that continuously helping me in my journey of finding myself.

The list will go on and on. Even now, as I was assigned for the first time to handle an usrah group, I have to admit I  have learnt a lot from this experience and from my fellow juniors as well.

So, sometimes, you have to embrace your heart and persuade them to stay. 
stay and learn.
stay and understand.

I'm still learning. and I'm sure there will be more new things I will encounter in future.
I only hope Allah S.W.T will keep giving me His Guidance for me to be patient, stay and understand the reason why they are there, in my life.

I wish you can stay and try to understand as well.


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